6.2.2011 MV Brno   rozhodčí: P. Iversen (N)

BOB - High Score Blondes Have More Fun

třída pes hodnocení posudek
mladých Idol Jack od Stroupinského potoka Výborný 1 Quite tall black and white dog, very happy round the ring, could be more confident when examined by judge, nice head, good neck and topline, needs more time to develop, whell presented, moves well
mladých Arthur King z Loňského léta Výborný 2 15 months, nice type, typical head, good expression, good body for age, nice topline, both dog and handler needs more experiance, moves a bit close behind, otherwise good movement, I m sure he will do well when he is more mature
mezitřída Fire´N Ice Goldfever Výborný 1, CAC, res.CACIB -
mezitřída Greenwich Magic Street Velmi dobrý 2 Black and white dog, a bit heavy in body, a bit plain in head, good neck and topline, teil carriage could be better, needs a bit more coat presentation, moves quite well
otevřená Charles od Stroupinského potoka Výborný 1 -
šampiónů Buxus of Klamar Garden Výborný 1, CAC, CACIB Champion dog, presented in a reather heavy coat, he is masculine and moves well, pleasing in head, topline, well presented
veteránů Needham´s Star of The Game Výborný 1, Nejlepší veterán -

třída fena hodnocení posudek
dorost Beatrix od Jakubského rybníka Velmi nadějná 1 -
mladých High Score Blondes Have More Fun Výborná 1, CAJC, Nejlepší mladý plemene, BOB Excellent young bitch, lovely head and expression, very good neck, topline, good body for her age, correctnEnglich springer in movement well present
mladých Cassiopeia z Holubího lesa Výborná 2 1 year old young bitch, good head for her age, good neck and topline, but needs more body, would like to see moredrive when moving
otevřená Hanny od Stroupinského potoka Velmi dobrá 1 -
pracovní Adored Aiven Rockdale Výborná 1 A bitch of a very good type, a bit plainin head, good neck, very good body and topline, nice temperament, teil set a bit high, moves well
šampiónů High Score Top-Model Výborná 1, CAC, CACIB Very typical bitch, with a nice outline, very nice head and well set neck, very good body, topline and sound mover, today not in her very best coat, nice bitch
šampiónů Adored Althea Rockdale Výborná 2 -